For each day of SMART Expo, a shopping voucher* in the amount of SG$300 will be given to:

  • The FIRST four investors who sign a deal and make a deposit payment for an overseas property with an exhibitor onsite, or
  • The FIRST investor who signs a deal and makes a deposit payment for an alternative investment with an exhibitor onsite

* Terms and conditions apply

How to win the shopping voucher:

  1. Make a transaction on either an overseas property or alternative investment with an Exhibitor onsite at SMART Investment & International Property Expo, Singapore (5-6 October 2019, Hall 405, SUNTEC Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore) and make a minimum deposit payment of SG$3,000 or equivalent value in a foreign currency. Register your successful deal at the designated redemption counter onsite by presenting a valid and signed original purchase agreement/contract and the original sales payment receipt and submitting a signed approval letter issued by the Exhibitor on the corresponding day. Photocopies and electronic versions of purchase agreements/contracts and payment receipts will not be accepted.
  2. SMART Expo Ltd. (“SMART Expo”) will record your name, mobile number and email address.
  3. The time and date of your registration will be logged by SMART Expo. Registration of claims is on a first come, first served basis. If there are any disputes, SMART Expo’s records shall prevail.
  4. The participants in the first five (5) valid and verified registrations made on each day of the Promotion (as defined in the “shopping voucher promotion terms and conditions” below (“Terms and Conditions”)), verified as valid by SMART Expo in accordance with SMART Expo’s records of the respective participants’ onsite log in times and dates, will each receive  a Voucher (as defined in the Terms and Conditions). Participants who register after the first five (5) verified registrations and/or of any unverified registrations, determined at SMART Expo’s sole and absolute discretion, will not be eligible for any Voucher. If any of the registrations are considered by SMART Expo as invalid, the offer will be passed on to the next valid participant in accordance with SMART Expo’s records of the respective participant’s log in time and date of registration.

SMART Expo Exhibitor Offers

More offers will be announced when closer to the expo date!