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Hotline +852 2944 6430
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Edmund Hulme

Head of Gordon & Co. Kong Kong - Gordon & Co.

Originally born in London, Edmund has been in the London property industry since 1998. As a London estate agent, he has assisted sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants alike with all their property needs whether it is buying, selling, or renting.

With his invaluable experience and expertise on the London property market, Edmund set up Gordon & Co’s Hong Kong office in 2014, to assist his clients all things property related, from advising on suitable investment purchases to ensuring their property is let and managed effectively by the Gordon & Co. London team.

Seminar Topic: The London commuter zone and Park Place, Stevenage project for sale

Gerard McGuirk

Sales Director - Asia Plantation Hong Kong Limited

Gerard McGuirk has more than 30 years - experience in property and is a keen investor in Europe. Since 2010, he has been investing in Forestry as an alternative way of making strong passive income streams. He has lived in Asia since 1995, when he first came to Hong Kong and spent time throughout the region. Gerard, like so many of Asia Plantation Capital’s clients, believes so much in the products, that he changed jobs and began to work for the company since 2013.

Seminar Topic: How to Invest in Agarwood (Known as chénxiāng (沉香) in Chinese, "Cham Heong" in Cantonese) a green way of making money and helping the planet at the same time.

Jared Watson

Financial Director - Royalston Coastal Wildlife Estate

Jared Watson worked at Ernst & Young where his responsibilities were in property, financial services, oil & gas, and food production. He was the CFO of Vulisango Holdings (Pty) Ltd an empowerment firm with holdings in mining and tyres and CFO of Simmer & Jack Mines (Pty) Ltd, a previously JSE listed gold and platinum mining company.

Seminar Topic: This is NOT Africa

Tony Healy

Regional Director (APAC) - Pegasus Food Futures

As the Director for Pegasus Food Futures, Tony’s responsibilities extend to cover all of the company’s operations in Hong Kong and Singapore. This includes sales development for the entire Asia region, as well as promoting and educating on the benefits of hydroponic farming in the area. Tony was recruited by the company as a result of his extensive global financial experience, and has been instrumental in helping Pegasus Food Futures to achieve success in the region.

Seminar Topic: Pegasus Food Futures – leaders in hydroponic farming investments and innovations in food security


玄學家, 玄人文化企業有限公司

李中耀師傅擁有超過10年的中國專業玄學術數經驗,是陳果齊金剛上師兒子陳定幫師傅的入室弟子之一。 他累積了大量經驗,對各種個人,家庭,事業,健康,兩性關係等,均有透徹的個人見解。李師傅精通紫微斗數,子平八字,玄空飛星風水以及奇門遁甲等等。目前擔任玄人文化企業有限公司的玄學部顧問,主要負責所有玄學業務發展的相關活動。 李師傅曾被邀請出席具規模的投資博覽會,分析環球投資走勢,亦是一些企業的榮譽講師,分享他對中國玄學術數的專業知識並同時解答觀眾疑難

Seminar Topic: How to Invest in 2017 by Making Use of Metaphysics

Jenny Suen 孫子然


孫師傅既是芳療師、心靈及命理諮商師,也是 Metorpop 雜誌和 的專欄作者。她以開放及認真的態度,研習不同範疇的學問如︰芳香療法、奧修禪卡、紫微斗數、風水及奇門循甲,從身、心、靈、環境及命理五大方向進行咨詢及療癒服務。在感情、事業、個人成長等問題提供心靈上的建議與洞見。 相對於趨吉避凶、求卦問卜,Jenny 認為個人成長及看見真實的智慧更為重要,這樣才能發揮內在的力量,好好去經歷人生路上的每個高低起跌。

Seminar Topic: How to Effectively Enhance Home Energy And 2017 Feng Shui Tips


客戶投資組副總裁 - 興證國際證券有限公司

盧駿匡(Chris Lo)擁有多年實戰經驗並善於運用科技融合技術分析研發買賣訊號。現從事證券工作,任教技術分析課程。創辦www.algosystemc.com及暢銷書《買對獲利點》作者,並於各大財經雜誌報章撰文及打擂台,擔任電視及網台財經節目常任嘉賓。


Mr.Hsieh Fachen

Chairman - Ho Hsin Development

【Educational background】
Doctoral Candidacy, AIT, Thailand.
MBA, MS University, MN, USA.
Bachelor / Architecture, Tunghai University, Taiwan.

HOWANG Development & Construction.
RUENTEX Construction & Engineering.

Cheny Chang

Director - Ho Hsin Development

【Educational background】
Doctoral Candidacy, AIT, Thailand.
MBA, MS University, MN, USA.
Bachelor / Architecture, Tunghai University, Taiwan.

Tuntex Group.
Dahan Development.
Top Vision, CA, USA
Gobo Group.
Vice Chairman, HoHsin Development, TW.
Mingyang Development, HK
Professor, Architecture department, Huafan University, TW

Seminar Topic:

Cheung Kiu Cho

Deputy Managing Director, Asia, Valuation and Advisory Services - Colliers International

Mr Vincent Cheung is the Deputy Managing Director, Asia, Valuation and Advisory Services of Colliers International. He has over 19 years of experience in the real estate and corporate advisory industry. He is the fellow member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the member of The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Registered Professional Surveyor (General Practice Division). He is the active commentator and columnist of various public media.

講座主題 - 亞洲房地產市場概覽及香港樓市場前瞻
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